Monday, 29 August 2011

All things decorating

I have not posted in a while, this is because I have been so busy with having to be back at work, which i am really not enjoying anymore so when I get home I just want to look for work, or feel sorry for my self. Also because this week the plumber finally started work!!! It still isn't finished yet which is a major pain, but it's getting there.

This weekend my parents have been up so we've been trying to get the tiling done. Typically we had to be awkward and buy quite expensive tiles that have absorbed all my money and is taking a while to put up. It's only about half done so I won't post a picture. I hate things half done, I always feel it's such an uphill struggle from then on.

Here is the inspiration for the decor in the bathroom.

Basically what we had done in the bathroom was quite major. We bought the house when it only had a bath, no shower. I love my showers but also treat myself to a bath every now and then. Ideally we wanted to get an electric shower to have in the bath, maybe get one of those L shaped baths from the bathstore. However, our bathroom is ably very small, it also has a sloping roof. We have therefore had to move the bath to run along the sloping roof, move the toilet further up the wall, put a standing shower in the corner where the roof is highest, moved the position of the radiator, and exchanged it for a towel rail, and moved the sink a couple of inches. I don't even want to think of the price!!! The only thing that's kept from the old bathroom is the sinks and the taps.

I also wanted to move the lighting cables so we could have wall lights, but now I really just want things done. This will have to wait a few years.

I also want to change the kitchen floor eventually. The kitchen is the only place we haven't re decorated. We're quite lucky because its lovely, and came with the cooker, fridge freezer and washing machine. It came with a tumble dryer too but were not keeping that. The floor is lino. It's fine for the time being but eventually, probably a few years down the line I would like natural multicoloured slate flooring. Like this:

I came across this wallpaper on The style files. It's so much fun. I wish I'd have seen it before we pretty much finished the decorating.

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