Sunday, 21 August 2011

Being home.

This extended weekend (since Thursday) I have been in North Wales. It's such a refreshing break from the relatively flat landscape of the east midlands. When I come to Wales, even though I grew up here, I like to try and fit some tourist stuff in.
On Friday morning I went for a quick run in Llanberis. usually I run over the lake and up to the hospital, today I chose to venture along the lake for a bit. Running with that kind of view is great as it is really distracting from your breathing. I also saw loads of goats! So cute.

Later I met my friend and we went shopping. I bought this top from a charity shop. I love it.
I also bought a black dress from H&M in the sale. £5 down from £12.99. Score! After shopping we decided to go and do something else, like visit a garden. So we went to Penrhyn castle, but decided the price was far too expensive to just look at some flowers and topiary. Then we drove over to Plas Newydd. Those gardens were closed. We gave up. We tried to make the most of the nice weather but other forces were obviously against us.

The next day my family and I went to Foel Farm for my nephew's birthday. I loved feeding the animals. So cute. These things were my favourite. They are like sheep with dogs faces. And they were really fluffy and timid. The one on the right was my favourite. He/she was blind in one eye. I wanted to take it home. Needless to say they got most of the feed I had.

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