Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Joan Crawford

I'm never too sure if I am a Joan Crawford fan or not. I'm much more team Bette than I am Joan, but there is something about her which I find quite intriguing. I have only seen a few of her films; The Unknown, Grand Hotel, Mildred Pierce and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. And have read Bette and Joan the Divine Feud, and Mommie Dearest. I would highly recommend Bette and Joan the Divine Feud to anyone. It does help obviously if you are into classic Hollywood, but if not it is still such a great story of two women who could never get along, and yet really should have. I'll go into much more at a later date. This post is about Joan, I really shouldn't be listing why I much prefer Bette. Anyway if you want to read the book it is available here http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bette-Joan-Divine-Shaun-Considine/dp/0751511749/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1313485174&sr=8-2 for a mere penny!!

There's quite a bit of mystery surrounding Joan's life. No one is entirely sure of her date of birth, her family or her past before Hollywood. Also anyone who has read or seen Mommie Dearest will know there's speculation as to what sort of woman she was behind closed doors. (For the record I really don't believe half the stuff in Mommie Dearest. Reading between the lines certain events may have happened, but not to such an exaggerated scale, and it is essentially a book by someone who was bitter that she wasn't left 'anything' in her will.) That is why I'm not sure about Crawford. I am not sure who she really is. I suppose I should invest time in a Crawford biography. When I saw her in Grand Hotel, I thought she was amazing!! (Garbo on the other hand - breathy and annoying)

There is no doubt however that Joan is a style icon, form her days as a silent movie siren, to a heavy eyebrowed starlet on the silver screen, and I most certainly envy her shoes. That is why when ever I see a pair of shoes similar to the ones Joan used to wear I feel the need to buy them. New Look have been doing well on this lately. Both these beauts are from there. Joan often wore peep toe heels, and an ankle strap. Obviously with it being the 30s/40s she also had a thick heel.

Just wanted to show off my shoes really. The black ones are very comfortable. The red ones, not so much. However I love wearing black tights and so the red ones work so well!!

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