Thursday, 18 August 2011

A bit of light reading: Marie Antoinette

Today I am blogging from my parents home in Wales. I love it here in the day but in the evenings we tend to disagree on the tv programme choices. I don't usually watch tv so when I do, I like to watch something you do not have to follow. Something where you could watch episode 4 of 8 and not feel lost having missed the previous episodes. Or something factual. So to keep myself entertained I have brought a book with me. I bought Antonia Fraser's Marie Antoinette: The Journey. it's about 600 pages short so it will keep me quiet for a while. I have about given up on A Farewell to Arms as I have been in and out of too much in the past few months. Also my bookmark fell out the other day. Maybe it's time to give it a rest and try again one day

I've always had a soft spot for history, and have always want to learn more about the French revolution. I've seen the film in which Marie Antoinette was played by Kirsten Dunst. I find that film so very aesthetically pleasing, a bit boring, but so pretty. I love Kirsten Dunst anyway so that helps.

Yesterday I painted the stairwell White. Just to get it covered. I'm thinking of painting it duck egg blue. I feel it's what Marie would have done. Also there's an antique/vintage shop on Nottingham where we got our chairs for the dining room from, which is painted in this shade. I feel the colour really compliments wood quite well.

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