Sunday, 14 August 2011


I have more books than I have ever read. I tend to buy books because I like the look of them, or becasue I hope to one day read them. I would assume that I have read and finished about 25% of the novels I own. It has been a while since I last bought a book. I was given Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms, and Stenibeck's Cannery Row and East of Eden for my birthday. I tried reading Cannery Row, but my reading pattern was too speradic. I gave up and thought perhaps I would be better with something I can get my teeth into. So I've been reading A Farewell to Arms since about March! I have so much going on in my ife that I rarely find 30 minutes to pick up a book. A bad habit I am determined to break. Although I have just bought a house and so am decorating. Once we are in I will finishes this book!! I will have to as I have slipped into an old habit and bought two books to read 'at somepoint in the future'.

This being book number one:

This is the beautiful new edition of The Last Tycoon from Penguin to mark the 70th anniversery of F. Scott Fitzgerald's death. It is part of a collection. Unforunately due to money being tight with the new house, and also the fact I have most of the books in the collection already, plus lets not forget I rarely have time for reading, I can not commit myself to buying them.

I have wanted this book for a while. It's about the decadent beginnins of Hollywood I believe ( I don't know, I have not read it yet) The book was also Fitzgerald's last before he died, and it is unfinished. This fact makes it all the more interesting. Hopefully I will at least get to finish reading what was left of it.

Here is the collection in all it's hardback glory:

My other book purchase is film related. Therefore I shall save for another day.

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