Thursday, 17 May 2012

Stop Motion

I ordered myself a tripod for my iPhone, not just any tripod, a very bendy tripod with legs that can be wrapped around things so that your phone can be held at all sort of angles.  This is because I downloaded a stop motion app ages ago but never had much luck using it as I could never take the next photo from the exact same place again.  A tripod was needed and this seemed heaven sent. 

I always enjoyed dabbling in animation,  I loved seeing still things come to life.  I cant wait to get making short 10 - 30 second clips.  Waiting for inspiration as always.   I decided to have a quick scout around on the web for some stop motion stuff (yes there's a lot) and I came across this.

Stop Motion Freud

So flawless, I am in awe, and a little set back.  I don't think my patients or my iphone would ever venture to create something as great.

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